Community initiatives

Kore is engaged with the local community around the Sintoukola licence and supports various initiatives within the RoC

Our projects are located in a part of the RoC where socio-economic and development indicators are persistently lower than the national averages. Consequently, our partner communities are generally poor and vulnerable. Mining projects are usually able to deliver real benefits to communities only once they enter the production phase. Notwithstanding this, we have implemented exploration, study and pre-construction construction phase CSR initiatives to alleviate some of the more pressing challenges faced in our project area.

Assisting the communities to collect water

In the Sintoukola area, few have access to high quality water sources, with most people relying on distant boreholes or small streams. We have installed water boreholes with pumps in the villages of Koutou and Yanika to compliment a government-sponsored water scheme. Since 2016 Kore Potash provided nearly 300 ‘hippo-roller’ 90 litre water drums which allow the relatively easy movement of water.

Cassava farming

In the district of Madingo-Kayes in Kouilou, and elsewhere in the RoC, cassava crops are subject to numerous diseases that significantly reduce crop yield. To reduce this threat to a staple food source, we distributed higher yielding, disease resistant cultivars of cassava to 12 villages, including the 11 villages in the Project impact zone (763 families).

Sourcing agricultural products from communities in collaboration with the camp catering contractor

In 2017, the Company facilitated the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding between a cooperative of market gardeners located in the project area and the international catering company Sodexo Congo, with the aim of ensuring the supply of freshly grown garden produce to the camp site.

Fruit Tree Planting Project

The Fruit Tree Planting Project increases household incomes and thus improves the living conditions of the local population. Within the framework of its Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), the Company works in partnership with the communities to find procedures to improve the living conditions of the populations through agriculture and fruit tree planting.


Local communities have long complained of crop damage by elephants – one of the challenges of supporting conservation in close proximity to communal agriculture. We are helping the community diversify their income by promoting bee-keeping.

Supporting schools in the area

Since 2017, Kore has provided school kits to the top three students in each class in the 5 primary schools and 1 secondary school in the project area. These school kit handover ceremonies always take place in the presence of the officials of the Departmental Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in charge of literacy in the Kouilou Department. Each year a total of 104 pupils receive complete school kits.

Employment of local people

Wherever possible we shall employ from the local community. Over the past years, over 65% of the total workforce hired by Kore to conduct drilling activities were hired from the local communities, within the project impact zone. It is noteworthy that employment is the most common request received from communities through our village letterbox system. In each of our local villages, we erected a notice board and letter box so that we could inform communities of our activities and receive feedback from them.

For further information on Kore’s approach to corporate sustainability follow the link below.