DX is one of the highest grade undeveloped potash deposits globally

DX project animation

DX Sylvinite project

The Prospect occupies an area of approximately 10 by 15 km, immediately west of the Dougou Deposit. DX is highly competitive in terms of mine gate cost and has amongst the shortest transport distances to target market of any comparable potash project.

Potential to accelerate path to production
  • Estimated 21 month construction period
  • Infrastructure overlaps with the Kola Sylvinite and Dougou Carnallite projects
Well understood, proven extraction method
  • Single well, selective dissolution mining
  • 400ktpa MoP production over 18-year life
Attractive operating cost
  • Life-of-mine operating cost of US$87/t MoP FOB
Advanced permitting
  • Located within existing Dougou mining licence
  • Mining Convention approved in 2018 covers Dougou mining licence area
  • Revised ESIA to be submitted


In 2019 Kore completed a scoping study on a solution mining operation at DX producing 400,000 tonnes per annum of MoP.

During 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 a pre-feasibility study (PFS) was undertaken on the DX project. This PFS included a 2D seismic survey programme, a drilling programme, technical studies and dissolution testing on samples of core from the DX deposit.


Correction: Updated Dougou Extension (DX) Pre-Feasibility Study Production Target
Updated Dougou Extension (DX) Pre-Feasibility Study Production Target
Dougou Extension (DX) Project Pre-Feasibility Study
Étude de préfaisabilité du projet DX
DX: Project Scoping Study

DX is the highest grade undeveloped potash deposit globally