The potash market

Demand for potash is growing year on year

More potash needed to feed the world

Source: World Bank, United Nations, FAO, IHS Markit

Potash supply and demand

  • Total annual production of potash is around 70 Mtpa rising 2 mtpa
  • The top 7 producers account for 75 of global production
  • At present this supply is largely met by existing major suppliers including
    • Urakali: ~10 Mtpa
    • Nutrien: ~12 Mtpa
    • Belaruskali: ~12 Mtpa
    • Mosaic: ~7 Mtpa
  • Production from Kore’s Sintoukola basin will be significantly lower cost than existing producers

2021 MOP Production

2021 MOP Demand

Source: IHS Market

Kore’s potash will supply demand growth